The curatorial team behind Monument Lab: Creative Speculations for Philadelphia — Paul Farber, Ken Lum, and A. Will Brown — will exhibit what they discovered from their Philadelphia-City-Hall-based initiative that took place May 15 - June 7, 2015. Over 35,000 people engaged with the project to imagine an appropriate monument for modern-day Philadelphia and 400 ideas for monuments were submitted by the public through a special research form. 

This exhibition includes a presentation of materials and images from the Lab and project, a display of all of the research proposal submissions, a summary of the curators' findings from the public proposals collected at the Lab - as well as those by creative speculative artists including Zoe Strauss, Kara Crombie, Alexander Rosenberg and Kaitlin Pomerantz, and the late Terry Adkins - and examples of what these artists, curators, and the public envision a 21st century urban monument could be.