David Claerbout Interview
Studio International - 2016

David Claerbout is a Belgian artist practising at the intersections of photography, film, video and digital technology, whose work often takes shape as large-scale, video-based installations. Through his multifaceted practice, Claerbout (b1969) interrogates notions of duration, place and history. By manipulating moving and still images, and collaging video-game scenarios and aesthetics into real-life situations, he constructs uniquely atemporal and philosophically jarring compositions that present profound situations that exist between and amid common perceptions of time, reality, memory, truth and fiction. (Full Interview Here)

Julien Prévieux + Rachel Cook Interview
Studio International - 2016

From ‘hacking’ Google to responding to ads to tell employers why he doesn’t want their job, the French artist employs humour to explore, among other things, technology and copyright. Here, he explains the concepts behind his art, while Rachel Cook, curator of the current group show What Shall We Do Next, which includes Prévieux’s work, explains what drew her to his output. (Full Interview Here)

Liz Magic Laser Interview
Studio International - 2016

Liz Magic Laser, who was born in 1981 in New York, is a multimedia artist who works mostly in film and video, often making multichannel installations. Laser’s work focuses on interrogating various forms of information distribution and sharing, such as televised news media, internet memes, theatrical performance and newspapers. (Full Interview Here)

Odili Donald Odita Interview
Studio International - 2016

Known for his vibrant, large-scale, abstract paintings, the artist talks about his influences, from the crazy patterns of wallpaper and the African artifacts in his childhood home, to the exhibitions and artists who have shaped his work. (Full Interview Here)

Xavier Cha Interview
Studio International - 2015

The multimedia artists talks about exploring the physical and psychological relationships between the human body and technology, and why the apparatus and artifice of any human pursuit in contemporary life is of interest to her.  (Full Interview Here)

Chelsea Knight Interview
Studio International - 2015

The artist talks about working at the threshold between video and performance, her interest in language and ethics, and what she sees as her responsibility in her work. (Full Interview Here)

Kudzanai Chiurai Interview
Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design - 2015

In his theatrical multimedia compositions, Zimbabwean-born artist Kudzanai Chiurai investigates some of the most pertinent—and stereotyped—issues facing the African continent today, from government corruption to xenophobia and displacement. In his 11-minute video Iyeza (2012), Chiurai reinterprets Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. (Full Interview Here)

Petra Cortright Interview
Studio International - 2015

The artist talks about moving from working on computers to painting, linking the two worlds to produce something physical translated from the digital, the importance of layering, surface, and light and making work out of computer errors or spam. (Full Interview Here)

Wilmer WIlson IV Interview
Studio International - 2015

The artist explains some of his performances, his interest in intervening in monuments in public spaces, why he uses detritus from the streets, and how he uses his body to push back against social and cultural control. (Full Interview Here)

Hank Willis Thomas Interview
Studio International - 2015

The artist talks about grabbing people’s attention to make them think about things they normally wouldn’t think about, recapturing or re-experiencing historical moments, and how he still has the mind of a photographer, even if that’s not where he always ends up. (Full Interview Here)

Charles Gaines Interview
Studio International - 2015

The conceptual artist and educator talks about why he believes art should be interested in knowledge ahead of pleasure, being influenced by Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, and why he contests his students rather than nurturing them. (Full Interview Here)

Steffani Jemison Interview
Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design - 2015

Steffani Jemison’s videos Maniac Chase (2008-2009) and Escaped Lunatic(2010-2011) present interwoven narratives composed of repetitious actions enacted by a group of actors that move through Houston’s outer wards and urban public spaces. (Full Interview Here)

Rachel Maclean Interview
Studio International - 2015

The artist talks about taking her inspiration from YouTube and LolCats to Britney Spears and Scottishness to explore gender, class and nationality, and explains how she transforms herself to play every role and model in her videos. (Full Interview Here)

Rafaël Rozendaal Interview
Studio International - 2015

The artist, who now has hundreds of websites to his name, talks about using the internet as his canvas, uploading our minds, and why he makes moving images that have no beginning or end. (Full Interview Here)

Jonn Hershend Interview
Studio International - 2015

Film-maker and experimental publisher Jonn Herschend explains why Don Quixote has been such a major influence on him, why he relishes making films to show in galleries, and how growing up in an 1880s theme park shaped his work. (Full Interview Here)

Marisa Williamson Interview
Studio International - 2015

Performance artist Marisa Williamson talks about leaving Los Angeles to start a course at the Whitney Museum in New York, and her latest project, in which she takes on the role of Sally Hemings, slave and mistress to President Thomas Jefferson. (Full Interview Here) 

Moreshin Allahyari Interview
Studio International - 2015

The Iranian-born artist, Moreshin Allahyari, who moved to the US in 2007, talks about important concepts in her work, including exile, censorship, virtual and digital media and the adoption of technology in developing countries.  (Full Interview Here)


Haris Epaminonda Interview
Studio International - 2015

Haris Epaminonda talks about the making of her four-channel video installation Chapters, filmed in her native Cyprus, and the importance of the space in which her works are shown.  (Full Interview Here)

Toyin Odutola Interview
Studio International - 2015

Toyin Odutola talks about why she loves pen and ink, where she gets the inspiration for her titles, and why it’s ridiculous to think being African, black and a woman should define her work. (Full Interview Here)

Kennedy Browne Interview
Studio International - 2015

Irish artist duo Kennedy Browne talk about how their work has been shaped by free-market triumphalism in the decades since Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, plane-spotting at Shannon airport – and Mark Zuckerberg’s lightsaber.  (Full Interview Here)


Hayal Pozanti Interview
Studio International - 2014

New York-based painter Hayal Pozanti talks about her invented alphabet, working with digital media, and her belief that eventually paintings will be viewed and experienced through screen technology such as Google Glass. (Full Interview Here)

Aslı Çavuşoğlu Interview
Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design - 2014

The film In Diverse Estimations Little Moscow (2011), by Turkish artist Aslı Çavuşoğlu, stages a series of fragmented, forgotten, and at times painfully remembered histories from a violent political suppression in the Turkish town of Fatsa in 1979 and 1980.  (Full Interview Here)

Mark Soo Interview
Studio International - 2014

Multimedia artist Mark Soo tells about his interest in the interconnection of elements, how a work of art changes when a passerby looks at it, and how Detroit techno music led him to 19th-century paddle-wheel steamships. (Full Interview Here)

Zarouhie Abdalian Interview
Studio International - 2014

Zarouhie Abdalian is an artist who works with a wide array of materials, ideas and contexts, frequently employing site-specific installations that incorporate sound and sculpture. (Full Interview Here)

Mwangi Hutter Interview
Studio International - 2014

Berlin and Nairobi-based artist duo Mwangi Hutter talk about their work as a collaborative, how they work through ideas and some past and forthcoming projects.  (Full Interview Here)

Dashiell Manley Interview
Studio International - 2014

Los Angeles-based artist Dashiell Manley talks about The Great Train Robbery, explains why he sees himself mainly as a film-maker, and reveals how he forms his ideas and the processes involved in his complex, layered and thoughtful works. (Full Interview Here)

UuDam Tran Nguyen Interview
Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design - 2014

Although Vietnamese artist UuDam Tran Nguyen (b. 1971) has lived in Los Angeles for most of the last two decades, the land of his birth is never far from his work or his thoughts. In those same two decades, Vietnam has, like many contemporary Asian countries, lost an incredible amount of natural and rural landscape. (Full Interview Here)