Remembering is Everything
Alter Space Gallery - 2013

Remembering is Everything, which took place at Alter Space Gallery in San Francisco, was a collaborative reconstruction of a moment in time. The curators, A. Will Brown and Bean Gilsdorf, had a simple methodology: in order to tap the elusive quality of memory, six artists were commissioned to view an original video prompt in which actors completed a series of tasks. 

The  six artists - Yayoi Asoma , David Kasprzak, Kate NartkerNancy NowacekMelody Owen, and Stephen Slappewere asked to consider this video as any other witnessed event. After each watched the video it was destroyed and erased from an internet hosting site.

Working across media in response to the video, the artists were chosen for their interests in memory, representation, narrative, and perception, and for the range of their formal approaches. Remembering is Everything investigates the processes of memory making and idea formation, and is equally about how we remember as it is about what is remembered.